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I wish I could sleep, but I can't lay on my back...

Because there's a knife for every day I've known you.

Ether Bitch
21 March
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I wrote this JOURNAL just for you, that's why it's vulgar, that's why it's blue....

The many Faces Of Mr Brian Molko
Days before you came, thunder bolts and lightning, each day a brand new vein each torniquet colliding.
_hitchyourbitch Brian Molko is my lover imagination says it all, a fake fuck is just that.
song_claims Allergic(to thoughts of mother earth) is all you need to say when you've fucked the world over.
Site Fights Spirit Counter
We're so full of hope And so full of shit .
silver_screened Change? I'm in the basement. Don't worry, Drugs won't hurt or kill or mame, until you fall in to deep, don't fall, no one's there to catch you, don't lie to yourself, you know it's true. Smoke your life, then throw away the butt. Wipe the blank look across your face, and never let it change. Listen to me, no? Frown your little heart away, shove it into the face of everyone who ever misguided you, they learnt harshness all too long ago. Don't persuade yourself to let it go, don't persuade yourself that once you do it will choose to return. Drink for me, drink until you don't remember yesterday, or tomorrow, because nothing happened and nothing will again.
Signed sincerely, now and forever,The Ether Bitch.
....when i said we, ...i know i, ...meant me, ..and when i said, ..sweet, .i meant dirty, absinthe, acting, alcohol, alternative, animals, anne rice, anti-george bush, anything placebo, athame, attraction, beauty, being able to think, being artistic, being myself, believing there's something better, bisexuals, biting, black, black market music, blood, books, boots, boys, boys in eyeliner, brian molko, candles, catalysts, chains, claws, clouds, cold weather, concerts, crying, cuddling, daggers, darkness, dreaming, eating dirt, ego, ether, exploring, eyeliner, eyes, fight club, fire, fishnets, flirting, freaks, freedom, futurama, goth, goths, guys, guys in eyeliner, h.i.m, hair dye, happiness, heterosexuals, hiding-from-the-day, homosexuals, hot showers/baths, hugs, humor, identity, imagination, individuallity, josip?, keys, laughing, laughing at stupid pricks, laughing hysterically, laughter deep inside, lightening, lyrics, magic, marijuana?, marilyn manson, matthew newton, movies, music, night, not craving, photography, pins, placebo, placebo concerts, placebo(cd), plotting, poems, poetry, presents, queen of the damned, rain, rambling in general, random thoughts, rasputina, reading, sarcasm, scareing little children, screaming, sleep, sleeping with ghosts, smell of rain, stefan olsdal, steve hewitt, storms, surreal, taste-my-pain, that 70's show, the crow, the cure, the nightmare before christmas, the pixies, the smell of rain, the word ether, the word rambling, things i can't have, tim burton, vampire covens, vampires, ville valo, vintage clothes, vodka, wealth, wicca, witchcraft, without you i'm nothing, world domination, wrists, writing, youth